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One Shot | Multiple purposes

April 24/2009   Categories: Business, Design, General, How-To's

Salad Shot

When you plan and art direct product photography wisely, it’s possible to re-purpose a single shot. This translates into big savings to marketing budgets.

Lighting is the main ingredient for any food photography. Think of it as the color palette. The more light the more detail and color. We used light to maintain detail around the edge of this salad shot. Lighting also sculpted texture on the cut side of the roasted chicken slices. Finally, selective lighting defined the shape and color of the lettuce. All combining to create an appetite appealing product shot.

salad shots

Notice a recurring hero in each of these layouts? Yes, it’s the same salad shot retouched to look like it had been shot on location or in an environment in each POP campaign.

When a typical photo shoot costs 10 to 15K, doesn’t it make sense to use experienced talent to maximize this investment? Helping clients stretch marketing dollars is just one way GoBig produces big results. Whatever the economy - we’re always focused on the client’s best interest.

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